Sunday, January 18, 2015

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Review To Bring You CRES Completely Geeking Out Over Fire Emblem.... Again.

Wait, I need to watch this trailer again!
Fire Emblem, via sine fine, facile eunt socii. Umbra labi inhi di villam, aha ast que hasbe est sa. Vera anhamst vera nini, ureni nimuhe. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a HUGE Fire Emblem fan. So big that I would begin my blog singing the latin lyrics to the Fire Emblem theme from Smash Bros. And of course, most of you are probably aware about this by now, but Nintendo just had their Nintendo Direct which began with one of the most epic things you can think of, and that is the trailer for the new Fire Emblem game. Currently known as 'Fire Emblem if' in Japan, we still don't have an English title yet as it is currently just referred to as "The Latest in the Fire Emblem Series," which I doubt even Nintendo will go with that name. Though there is a lot of speculation about the plot and setting (most revolving around how it will tie into Awakening given FE's record of having two games set in the same universe), I want to spend this blog talking about what I hope to see in this new game. If you will indulge me in geeking out for a little while.

Choosing an Avatar is easier than choosing who to marry.
First up on what I want to see in the new Fire Emblem is the return of Your Avatar. Being one of the most heavily praised elements of Awakening, I have no doubt that our create-a-character is going to reappear, it's almost a given. But what I want to see from this system is more customization options for our hero. 3 body types, and 5 faces and hair options for each type is very VERY restrictive. True this does give us 150 configurations between the two genders, not counting hair color and voice options, but it still pales in comparison to other character generation systems. I'd like to see more face options, more hair options, the ability to choose eye and skin color. I mean, I'm perfectly happy with how my Robin (whom I named after myself) turned out, but I'm sure there are others who wanted something different.

The shot that launched a thousand shippers.
Supports. Supports have been in the Fire Emblem series for a LONG time. Ever since the original Mystery of the Emblem, there has been some sort of support system between characters (though sometimes this has been completely hidden from the player). In Awakening, the Support system got a massive overhaul, removing previously established restrictions on the system in favor of a more limited activation requirement (units had to be directly next to each other rather than be within a 3 square radius). This system was AWESOME, though can be a little broken thanks to the Pair Up option. However, the element of Awakening's Support system that EVERYONE remembers and loves is the ability to fall in love and get married. I hope this system returns in it's entirety, and from the trailer it looks like, at the very least, that the Dual Strike and Dual Guard systems return intact. Hopefully, this means the Support system returns, although if anything children characters are probably out (unless they come up with some other reason for them to fight). I mean, DAMMIT I WANT TO GET MARRIED AGAIN AND THERE BETTER BE A DRAGON GIRL ALL READY TO BE MY WIFE!

Let's up that number, shall we?
I want to see more classes. True, I can't really think of any classes that would be cool to add to Fire Emblem, but does that matter? I want to see what new and unique classes Intelligent Systems have in store for us. BUT I do have one problem with the Reclass system Awakening used: It makes Maxing out your Stats a joke. It's hard to properly balance a SRPG, when you can get up to the max level of a promoted class. THEN go back to a starting class with similar stats that you ended the previous class with. Also with the Level carry over, it makes it a REALLY long process to gain all the skills a character has available to them. What I would like to see is that when you reclass to a starting class, that character's stats get reset but will have a little bit of carry over (like if you had over 10 STR you get 1 bonus point of STR to your new class). This will help keep the game's balance as you can't just power level your way through, but still give a little bonus for exploring the reclass system. Also, I'd like to see more skills. Like each base class having 3 skills associated with them (one you start off with, one at level 10, and one at level 20). I also would have like to see skills that allow you to equip weapons that are not native to your current class, like an Archer wielding Swords, or a Cavalier having the complete weapon triangle available to him. But the main reason why I want this is so that my Manaketes can transform while in other classes.

There are other things I would like to see, one of them is obviously Amiibo support because, well duh. But I'm sure THAT will happen anyway, and will probably be something along the lines of "Tap Marth, Ike, Lucina, or Robin to have them join your army." Though, it would be awesome if Nintendo releases a Fire Emblem line of Amiibo. Also, if you are going to have characters from previous Fire Emblem games appear as DLC or bonuses, PLEASE give them their own character models and not just use a "Avatar" set. Anyway, now it's time to watch that trailer again and salivate.

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