Sunday, February 14, 2016

Anime Review: K-on!

I'm back. You know I should really beat Xenoblade Chronicles X. Every time the TV is available, I just have to play it for as long as I can, which is why I'm not as productive on the weekends as I would hope. Fortunately, I seem to have just beaten the game's main story, and rather unexpectedly I might add. I thought that with a game that splits its story up into Chapters that the last chapter in the game would be called "The Final Chapter," but it isn't. Anyway, I'll have a full review up when I have fully collected my thoughts on the game, until then here is an anime about a bunch of high school girls hanging out with each other that ISN'T Lucky Star. This is K-on!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DEMO-lition: Project X Zone 2

Sorry for the late post. I thought I would be able to finish the small indie game I was playing on Sunday, BUT that game turned out to be a bit longer and more ball-busting than my initial assessment. Simply put, I am not yet finished with the game. In light of that I have been playing something that I can at least talk a little bit about and that is the demo for Project X Zone 2 (the "X" in this title is suppose to be pronounced as "Cross").

So what, if you don't know already, is Project X Zone and why does it have a sequel? Well, Project X Zone is the successor to Namco X Capcom, a SRPG released only in Japan for the PS2 where protagonists from the two companies join forces to defeat their respective adversaries as well as a force that threatens the entire Cross-over multiverse. Project X Zone added a third company to the mix, SEGA, and moved the series onto the 3DS because the developer is Monolith Soft, who is now owned by Nintendo. I have a full review of the game here. Strangely enough, PXZ was successful enough (especially in the West) to warrant a sequel and thus Project X Zone 2, which maintains the current line up of participating companies, but also adds a few Nintendo characters to the ultimate roster. The game releases later this month, but for those of you who want a taste of what's to come a Demo is available on the eShop which is want I'm about to look into today.