Sunday, January 25, 2015

DEMO-Lition: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Early Access)

Nintendo and Capcom just released a bunch of early access demo codes for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to a bunch of different people. And I seem to be one of those people. I don't know why, I've never shown an interest in Monster Hunter, and the Monster Hunter 3 demo I felt was weak. But here I am with a code for an early demo of a game so I might as well bring back DEMO-lition, and take this little demo apart.

Before I begin with my regular update, here is some AWESOME Posters.

As any long time user of Nintendo's fan appreciation service Club Nintendo might already know, this service will be discontinued. Games released after Jan 20th will no longer have registration codes, Mar 31st is the last day to acquire coins for Nintendo rewards, and Jun 30th will be the last day to use said coins before they are deleted forever. This is kind of sad considering for the longest time I didn't have a disposable income to regularly purchase games, which made acquiring coins for some of the cool Nintendo rewards difficult (my eyes where set on the Mario Hanafuda cards), and now that I have money to throw at Nintendo, the service that I like on a conceptional level is going away. Fortunately, it seems that Nintendo is going to try to replace Club Nintendo with a better service that is tied to your Nintendo Network ID as an effort to consolidate all online services.

The good news, at least for me, is that I'm still going to get my Smash Bros Soundtrack and, the reason I'm doing this prelude before my regular update, MY SMASH BROS POSTERS JUST ARRIVED! AND THEY ARE BADASS! They are each 22x28 inches and feature the artwork of Villager, Rosalina, and Palutena's newcomer illustrations from the Smash Bros website. They are all very high quality (though some had a little damage from shipping) look awesome. Here are the pics.

Palutena (along with Pit, Link, and Dark Pit in the background) Sitting above my Computer
Villager (along with Mario, Link, Kirby, and Isabella) above my dresser (with my Project X Zone Poster)
Rosalina (along with Mario, Fox, and Wii Fit Trainer) sitting above my bed, next to my window
I know the pictures aren't great (3DS and all) but trust me they are all just badass. Although, I REALLY wish I could choose which posters I wanted. I like Palutena and Rosalina, but I would rather have Mega Man or Robin & Lucina posters over the Villager's. Anyway, next post is going to be on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's early access demo (because I got a code).

PS: Did you know Fire Emblem is going to get a new Card game?
How Awesome is that!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Review To Bring You CRES Completely Geeking Out Over Fire Emblem.... Again.

Wait, I need to watch this trailer again!
Fire Emblem, via sine fine, facile eunt socii. Umbra labi inhi di villam, aha ast que hasbe est sa. Vera anhamst vera nini, ureni nimuhe. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a HUGE Fire Emblem fan. So big that I would begin my blog singing the latin lyrics to the Fire Emblem theme from Smash Bros. And of course, most of you are probably aware about this by now, but Nintendo just had their Nintendo Direct which began with one of the most epic things you can think of, and that is the trailer for the new Fire Emblem game. Currently known as 'Fire Emblem if' in Japan, we still don't have an English title yet as it is currently just referred to as "The Latest in the Fire Emblem Series," which I doubt even Nintendo will go with that name. Though there is a lot of speculation about the plot and setting (most revolving around how it will tie into Awakening given FE's record of having two games set in the same universe), I want to spend this blog talking about what I hope to see in this new game. If you will indulge me in geeking out for a little while.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crescent's Thoughts On: Nintendo Direct 1/14/15 or FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM

As many of you know, and are probably have already watched by the time this comes out, Nintendo has released it's latest Nintendo Direct. Here they shared a number of new information about upcoming games as well as new trailers for games like Splatoon (which looks interesting), Xenoblade Chronicles X (which I'm already removing money from my bank account just to play), and even the US release date for the New 3DS (Which given that my current 3DS is having trouble charging lately, I might upgrade). If you are interested in anything Nintendo go ahead and check it out (LINK). However, what I want to talk about is the game that started off the Nintendo Direct. A brand new game which doesn't have an actual title yet...... BUT ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT IS FIRE EMBLEM! FIRE FREAKIN' EMBLEM!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anime Review: Time of Eve the Movie

You know, I some times review something other than a video game. If only I could remember what it was that I also review.... Oh well, I'm sure I will remember it eventually. In the mean time here is a review about a movie that uses the Japanese style of animation. What was that called again? Japanimation? Anyway, Time of Eve was a ONA (Original Net Animation) or a series broadcasted exclusively on video streaming websites. All six episodes of this mini series was simulcasted over on Crunchyroll with English subtitles and was the subject of one of my first Japanimation reviews back when I had a blog over on Now, years later, the series has been adapted into a movie format and with thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, an English dub release has hit US shores. So how is this movie? Read on to find out.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Game Review: Fairune

Action/Puzzle RPG; 3DS eShop; Circle Inc.; 2014
Welcome to the new year..... For some reason it seems just like the old year, except I now have the first stages of a cold. That's the problem with living with others, once one of us gets sick, it is only a matter of time before it makes the rounds. Anyway, this week I'm going to review a small eShop game again (get use to that, there was a lot of games that went on sale over the past few weeks). This time it is Fairune, another game brought to us by our friends at Circle. But how does this adorably retro game hold up? Let's find out.

PS: I know about XSeed registering the title "Lord of Magna" so don't mention that.