Monday, September 29, 2014

Game Review: Bravely Default

RPG; 3DS; Square Enix; 2014
SORRY, SORRY, SORRY! I'm so sorry I'm very VERY late. See I wanted to get Bravely Default finished like a WEEK ago, so that I can move on to other games before Smash Bros destroys what little free time I have, but I under estimated how long it would take for me to beat the game... like majorly underestimated. It took all of Saturday and Sunday to beat it, and when I did it was 11 O'clock and I had work in the morning so no way in hell was I going to write my review right then and there. So finally I have enough free time to write my review, and then play something else (hopefully something shorter) until I devote my soul to the pursuit of Smash. So how is Bravely Default? Well that's what my review is for.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Anime? Review: Young Justice

Does this count as anime? I'm not sure. I guess it depends on whether or not to count it, but I have nothing better to talk about this week. I'm also a little distracted at the moment given there are Personal Matters that have come up recently and I am currently in the dark about a few aspects. But for now, let's enjoy ourselves with an anime-like show made in America about DC teenage superheroes.... that ISN'T Teen Titans: Young Justice.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Game Review: Unchained Blades

Dungeon Crawler RPG; 3DS eShop/PSP (3DS Reviewed); FuRyu; 2012/2013
Okay, back to reviewing games. Hopefully there isn't any more crap coming from the "Feminist" "gamers" anytime soon. Not much to cover going on with me, so yeah this is going to be a very brief intro for the main review, which is a bit of a lesser known game called Unchained Blades, which throws Etrian Odyssey head long into a little bit of Final Fantasy X and a smidge of Xenoblades. But is it any good? Well that's what I'm here for.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Crescent's Thoughts On: Anita Sarkeesian: Women As Background Decoration Part 2 Or What Was She Suppose To Be Talking About Again and What is With All of These Crappy Arguments!?

Killing Women is Sexist, Saving Women is Sexist, Let's face it the moment a Women is involved it is Sexist.
It's that fun time again. Okay, I am a little slow on the ball of this thing, but with Zoe Quinn's escapade and Anita's video happening ONE WEEK from each other, I wanted a little breather between covering both because, despite the views I get for my Anita posts, I want to keep this blog largely about two things: Video Games and Anime, and if I had to talk about this.... whatever you call it so soon after.... whatever you call Zoe Quinn's quagmire I was afraid that people will lose sight over what was important, like these women. You know that this is about VIDEO GAMES and how video games are FUN! So I reviewed Azure Striker Gunvolt because YES! But now that we have that little diversion, it's now time to talk about Anita Sarkeesian's latest series of cobbled together, barely coherent points about how no matter what, it's always sexist to have VIRTUALLY ANYTHING happen to a women in a game. Otherwise known as "Tropes Vs Women In Video Games: Women As Background Decorations Part 2" (SOURCE)