Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crescent's Thoughts On: Nintendo Direct 1/14/15 or FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM FIRE EMBLEM

As many of you know, and are probably have already watched by the time this comes out, Nintendo has released it's latest Nintendo Direct. Here they shared a number of new information about upcoming games as well as new trailers for games like Splatoon (which looks interesting), Xenoblade Chronicles X (which I'm already removing money from my bank account just to play), and even the US release date for the New 3DS (Which given that my current 3DS is having trouble charging lately, I might upgrade). If you are interested in anything Nintendo go ahead and check it out (LINK). However, what I want to talk about is the game that started off the Nintendo Direct. A brand new game which doesn't have an actual title yet...... BUT ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT IS FIRE EMBLEM! FIRE FREAKIN' EMBLEM!

Now you may not know this about me... But I'm A HUGE Fire Emblem fan. Have been since Blazing Blade. In fact, my longest and most in depth review I've done yet has been my review of Fire Emblem: Awakening, which is still one of my favorite FE games. So a new Fire Emblem game to me is like pumping happiness straight into my brain. And the fact that this is the game they choose to start OFF the presentation with just shows how high the Fire Emblem series has been elevated in the eyes of Nintendo. But then again with how well Awakening sold EVERYWHERE it's kind of hard not to expect the red carpet now.

As for the game, they called it a "teaser" but let's be honest, it's a full blown trailer. Not only does the downright GORGEOUS cinematic cutscenes from Awakening return, but also mechanics such as Duel Strike and Guard as well as new flourishes to the displays and graphics. Awakening was made without full knowledge of what the 3DS can do, but that's no longer the case with this game. While mechanics like Children Characters remain to be seen if they return (though I have no idea how they would do it in a way that isn't a rehash of either Awakening or Genealogy of the Holy War), I have no doubt this will be one of the most anticipated games on the 3DS.

Speaking of Fire Emblem, Intelligent System's other game Codename: S.T.E.A.M. (A Steampunk SRPG that's a cross of Sakura Wars and The Amazing Screw-On Head) will be Amiibo compatible. The figures that are compatible are the Smash Bros figures Marth, Ike, and the upcoming Robin and Lucina. So all of the Fire Emblem characters...... What do they do? THIS:

Comrades, with us together, WE RIDE!
I was interested in STEAM before. I enjoy Sakura Wars' battle system, and STEAM looks like it's built on a similar frame work. But THIS JUST SEALS THE DEAL! I need to play this game with these characters. Marth, Ike, Robin, and Lucina? Medieval fantasy swordsmen all running around a working for Abraham Lincoln in a steampunk America fighting Aliens? THAT SOUNDS SO AMAZINGLY ABSURD THAT IT IS AWESOME!! Fortunately they will reprint the Marth Amiibos, but until then good luck find one for less than $50.

Anyway, I just wanted to nerd out about Fire Emblem. This was one of the best directs I've seen just for these two bits of news, in my opinion. The only thing that would have made it better is any news about Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Any news.... PLEASE TELL ME THIS GAME IS STILL BEING MADE!

Until next time.

-Crescent, THEY HAVE FEET!

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