Sunday, January 25, 2015

Before I begin with my regular update, here is some AWESOME Posters.

As any long time user of Nintendo's fan appreciation service Club Nintendo might already know, this service will be discontinued. Games released after Jan 20th will no longer have registration codes, Mar 31st is the last day to acquire coins for Nintendo rewards, and Jun 30th will be the last day to use said coins before they are deleted forever. This is kind of sad considering for the longest time I didn't have a disposable income to regularly purchase games, which made acquiring coins for some of the cool Nintendo rewards difficult (my eyes where set on the Mario Hanafuda cards), and now that I have money to throw at Nintendo, the service that I like on a conceptional level is going away. Fortunately, it seems that Nintendo is going to try to replace Club Nintendo with a better service that is tied to your Nintendo Network ID as an effort to consolidate all online services.

The good news, at least for me, is that I'm still going to get my Smash Bros Soundtrack and, the reason I'm doing this prelude before my regular update, MY SMASH BROS POSTERS JUST ARRIVED! AND THEY ARE BADASS! They are each 22x28 inches and feature the artwork of Villager, Rosalina, and Palutena's newcomer illustrations from the Smash Bros website. They are all very high quality (though some had a little damage from shipping) look awesome. Here are the pics.

Palutena (along with Pit, Link, and Dark Pit in the background) Sitting above my Computer
Villager (along with Mario, Link, Kirby, and Isabella) above my dresser (with my Project X Zone Poster)
Rosalina (along with Mario, Fox, and Wii Fit Trainer) sitting above my bed, next to my window
I know the pictures aren't great (3DS and all) but trust me they are all just badass. Although, I REALLY wish I could choose which posters I wanted. I like Palutena and Rosalina, but I would rather have Mega Man or Robin & Lucina posters over the Villager's. Anyway, next post is going to be on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's early access demo (because I got a code).

PS: Did you know Fire Emblem is going to get a new Card game?
How Awesome is that!

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