Sunday, February 24, 2013

Game Review: Star Fox 64 3D

3D Shooter; Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo; 2011
FINALLY! I finally got my hands on a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening, and goddammit it is eating up any free time I have. I'll have a review as soon as I finish it, which may take much longer than expected depending on how much fuffing about I do. But for now, it's time to review another game, this time a remake of a classic... IN 3D!!!!!!! This is Star Fox 64 3D, one of the most confusing titles if you don't know the history of the game.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anime Review: Dog Days

Okay, what the hell Nintendo? It's been two weeks since Fire Emblem Awakening has been released and yet I STILL can't get my hands on a copy? Yes, I know that it is available for digital download, but I much prefer having a physical copy as appose to a digital one (Partly because I'm a collector, and also I don't want to get into a position where I lose my entire gaming collection because of a misplaced SD card). Anyway, if you like catgirls and pretty much any form of animal eared anime characters, then I have a series for you. If you don't, well you might as well not bother clicking on the "Full Review" link below. This is Dog Days.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Top 7: Overpowered Abilities in RPGs

See those numbers climb.
Well, for reasons that are beyond my control, or even comprehension, even though Fire Emblem Awakening was released last week, my local Gamestop STILL doesn't have a copy. What the Hell!? Why is the universe preventing me from getting my hands on a copy of this game!? True, I can download it from the Nintendo eShop for the same price, but I'd rather have a physical copy of a game that I can hold in my hands, that's just me. Anyway, putting that aside, I've decided to bring back one of my favorite time wasting activities, coming up with pointless lists that pleases no one, not even myself, and then claim some sort of authority on the subject of an entirely opinion based topic.

This time I'm going to be talking about Overpowered Abilities. Abilities that are so skewed, that any kind of balance is thrown right out the window as soon as they become available. For this list, an Overpowered Ability is an ability whose effectiveness exceeds it's cost by overwhelming levels. It is not just how much Damage it does or effects that it gives, but also how often can it be used and does it make the game overly easy once it is introduced. Now since I prefer to not cross genres in these lists, I will only cover overpowered RPG abilities, and in order to be on this list the item must be extremely effect, and have a cost that is quite frankly laughable. And so without any further ado, here is my Top 7: Overpowered Abilities in RPGs. Why Top 7?...Why not?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game Review: The Last Story

Action RPG; Nintendo Wii; Mistwalker; 2012
Tomorrow is the day Fire Emblem Awakening launches in North America. Though I am still pissed that New Mystery of the Emblem was skipped, I am so psyched about this new entry. But before I go into another Fire Emblem fangasm, I will review another game that for the longest time was thought to have never be released in the US: The Last Story. There are very few game designers as prolific as Hironobu Sakaguchi, the main creator of the Final Fantasy series. While your love for the FF franchise might vary, there is little doubt that the games headed by Sakaguchi was some of the best in the series. And now we come to his most recent game: The Last Story. But will this tale be one for the ages, or forgotten legend... I think I just stumbled on Hironobu Sakaguchi's next game title.