Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Letter to Nintendo.

The Following is an e-mail I just sent to Nintendo of America expressing my thoughts on their decision to release only the New Nintendo 3DS XL and not the standard size.

Dear Nintendo,
I am writing this e-mail so that I may convey my thoughts on the New Nintendo 3DS in wake of it's announcement during your Nintendo Direct on January 14, 2015, and the subsequent release of the XL version yesterday on February 13, 2015.
While it is reassuring that North America has received this new system; I, like many others who have also voiced their opinion via letters, e-mail, twitter and other contact means, wish to express my disappointment that the standard size model of the New Nintendo 3DS has yet to be announced for this region.
I am a long time Nintendo fan, and I am especially devoted to Nintendo handhelds. I still have in my possession my original green colored Gameboy, as well as my yellow Gameboy Color, my indigo Gameboy Advance, my black DS lite, as well as my red 3DS standard size model. I personally feel that the standard size 3DS is the ideal size for a handheld system. It is large enough to have a clear detailed screen as well as comfortable buttons but remain small enough to fit into most pockets. Others have also found this to be the ideal size for them, either because of the increase portability the standard size has over the XL model or because their hands can not comfortably hold an XL model due to it's size.
In addition to the numerous hardware upgrades found in both the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL such as an upgraded processor, more buttons including a C-Stick, stable face tracking 3D, and Amiibo support, the feature I was looking forward most about the New Nintendo 3DS is the swappable faceplates, a feature exclusive to the standard size New Nintendo 3DS.
In the past I have missed out on many Special Edition handhelds such as the Fire Emblem Awakening blue insignia 3DS or the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS XL because either I received my Nintendo handheld as a give and thus had no say in the type I was receiving, or because I already had a working model and there was no need to upgrade. Customizable faceplates, in my opinion, was an ideal solution as it allowed fans of various series to express themselves, and have a unique system for the series they love, without the need of buying a new system each time.
While the decision to release the New 3DS XL was made to please the larger market given the higher sales of XL models in the past, releasing only the XL model alienates fans who desired a smaller, customizable alternative when purchasing a New Nintendo 3DS. Rather than "expanding choices," this decision limits them to a single upgrade choice that some, like myself, are unwilling to make. At this point, I will not purchase a New Nintendo 3DS XL and will instead wait until the Standard Size New Nintendo 3DS when, hopefully not if, it is releases in North America.
I sincerely thank you for your time and hope my thoughts help in the consideration of the standard size New Nintendo 3DS's announcement and release.

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