Sunday, February 8, 2015

CRES's Thoughts On: Anita Sarkeesian: "Humanist" of the Year Or How Many Awards Are We Going To Waste On This Person!?

I can only post goofy pictures of her, I can't help it.
I wanted to review a game this week, but the game I'm currently playing is still not finished. CLOSE though, but in the mean time, it's time to waste some more time and energy talking about THAT thing. Today, Anita Sarkeesian has been dubbed Harvard's "Humanist of the Year" for the year of 2014, and as you might know about my thoughts on Anita's work, I am NOT happy.

See, just like with the Ambassador award she won, all this is doing is justifying her work. Her work, which if you take a critical eye towards, falls apart almost immediately with only the slightest bit of scrutiny. Her work, which has created a much bigger and more violent divide within the gaming culture than the crap-tastic "Hardcore VS Casual" wars. Her work, in which she lies constantly by omission, removes games and context within those games to suit a narrative where women are always portrayed poorly and men are always portrayed heroicly. Her work, is now taken far more seriously because now, not only is she the "first female" recipient of the Game Developer's Ambassador award *COUGH*Sheri Graner Ray*COUGH*, but now she is one of Harvard's "Humanist" of the Year.

So she's a humanist, humanists are nice people right? So Anita Sarkeesian must be a nice person, right? She wouldn't say anything that is sexist or downright ignorant of other people's cultures, right? RIGHT!? Unfortunately, she has twitter.

Humanist of the Year: Only men commit mass shootings.

Humanist of the Year: There is no such thing as sexism against men.

EDIT: Disregard this. This is actually faked.
The worse part about this is that there is only two possible outcomes I can see. One) Anita finally gets exposed as horrendous human being she is and thus both Harvard and the Game Developer Conference will forever have this horrible black spot on their award records, which will forever color future recipients. Or Two) Anita is so far ingrained as this paragon of social justice, that no matter how many of us expose her, no matter how many of us speak out, no matter how much evidence is levied against her, her army of supporters will stonewall us and Anita will continue to speak for people she does not represent. The sad thing is, at this point the latter seems far FAR more likely.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

-CRES, "Anime is the most disgusting, sexist, and misogynistic form of media to ever come out of Japan."

EDIT: It has come to my attention that the comment regarding Anime is a fake. I apologize for the mistake.


  1. That 3rd tweet is fake.

    1. It looks real. Do you have evidence of it's forgery? If so I will edit this post.

  2. That's the thing. It doesn't look real. It's far too long. Being 75 characters over Twitter's limit of 140, it kind of disproves itself.

    Twitter is a searchable archive. If you google any of the other tweets, you'll find the originals right there on Twitter. If you google that, you only find blogs like this repeating it.

    1. Corrected. I don't have time to redo the the post, so I'll just leave the addendum. Thanks for spotting it.

    2. Really? You "don't have time" since over a year ago? Christ Anita-haters are not only dishonest, but can't count. THIS is why she gets so many awards and her "detractors" well... not so much.