Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Special Report: Mighty no. 9 SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED!

Was it any surprise that this game was going to be funded? It is a classic style action platformer made by several of the people who MASTERED the genre all the way back in the 80 with a tiny little series of games called Mega Man. Since the conclusion of the PAX panel where Keiji Inafune revealed to the world this project, and how it was going to be funded by Kickstarter with HEAVY emphasis on fan involvement, there was no doubt that the $900K initial goal would be cleared. But with that goal having been reach within the first 24 HOURS the only question that remained, apart from Call's design, was can we reach the major stretch goals that we fans wanted. Well, we did... to the tune of $4 MILLION!! What does that mean, the fanbase of Mighty no. 9, a game that hasn't been made yet and no one even knew existed until a month ago, was able to raise enough money to HIT EVERY SINGLE STRETCH GOAL SET FOR THE GAME!

It's unbelievable. Even the stretch goals that where made on the very LAST DAY, got cleared. What does this mean for the game? Well, let's look at the list, and it is a LONG list.

YEAH, that's is what we are going to get! Mighty no. 9 is going to have

  • FOUR new stages that wasn't original planned (FIVE if you include the Call Stage)!
  • New Game+, Turbo mode, Boss Rush mode, Challenge mode, Online Co-op mode, AND an Online Battle Race mode!
  • A Documentary!
  • A support character!
  • An optional 8-bit soundtrack!
  • And it is going to be released on EVERY FREAKIN' PC, CONSOLE, AND HANDHELD!!
And guess what those last four stretch goals where reached in the last DAY! I was biting my nails to get the game on the 3DS, since that was going to be my system of choice. It is amazing that we even got the last minute addition, it was also cool that it was cleared during the lives stream interview with Keiji Inafune.

The next Megaman Robot Masters!
 Also announced during the live stream count down was the winners of the preliminary Call design contest, the first fan base contest to determine the look of Call, the Roll to Beck's Rock. The top 3 will move on to the next phase of the contest, where the designs are colored and the best design/color will win. And without further ado here are the winners

In 3rd place with ~10% of the votes
It seems the place for third was hotly contested between design H and two others; however, when the final bell was rung this little girl won the spot. Personally, I think her design is a little simplistic and doesn't quite fit with the visual ascetic that Mighty no. 9 is going for (namely her legs don't look like they quite belong). But I have a much better opinion about the next two.

In 2nd place with ~25% of the votes
I like this design, she definitely carries the Support character look. The expression guide on the left definitely helps inform her personality. I only have two complaints about her overall design. One, her legs. Like H above her, E's legs just don't look like they quite fit, especially with the lack of feet. Two, she doesn't look like she can really fight. If we are going to play Call in the Co-op I would prefer a design that looks like she is more suited for battle, or at least can go from supporting to fighting rather easily. E just doesn't look like she can. However, that can't be said of the next girl.

And the Winner with ~39% of the votes
There was absolutely no contest. Design F was among the first batch of Call designs that where revealed and is the only one that made it to the contest (This was because there was a limit of one design per artist and I'm guessing the entirety of that concept art was done by the same guy), and let's be honest, even though there was several "Pink" fans this girl was going to win even in that group. First of all, there is the obvious similarities to Roll in this design, the hair, the dress style, and when it was colored she even sported blonde hair and a red outfit. This caused some fans to reject her simply out of spite, saying things like "Call should be her own character and not chained down to the design of Roll." Personally, I think her similarity to Roll only adds to her charm. Beck is kind of a re-imagining of Mega Man, and his design reflects this. Yet, he has his own elements that make him unique, a kind of fusion of the old and the new so to speak. Call can do the same with Roll's design, having a look that evokes the style of the past while still being fresh and new. Besides, I don't remember anyone saying that Roll was a bad character. Second, F's design looks like she can be effective both on the field and back at base, making her well suited for the "Beck and Call Co-op." And lastly, her design really compliments Beck, she has similar boots, a similar body type and proportions, and with her red coloring she is visually complementary with Beck's primarily Blue outfit. Yeah, you can probably tell that this was the design I voted for.

From here on out, it is up to the Comcept and Inticreates to bring this game to life, and all the Mighty No. to support them and give feedback. Since I am now one of the Mighty No., I'll try to get people who are NOT Mighty No. (shame on you) interested by relaying any updates I'm allowed to talk about after the Mighty No. forums go up (Some information may be Mighty No. only, we'll see). Keep reading my Blog, and keep an eye out for this game in April of 2015.

Until Next Time

-Crescent, Mighty Numbers UNITE!


  1. That Right Crescent Based F! But I would like E being another character(the whole Echo campaign)....Heck when you look at it the if she gets in all the Call designs most likely getting in they are like in order DEF so that would be cool to.(funny too since they are the ones I wanted most to get in the game)

    1. I'm not sure what to make of this comment, other than apparently Call will increases my Defense or something.