Sunday, September 29, 2013

Video: In Regards to Anita Sarkeesian

I wanted to do an actual written review, but I lost track of time, forgot that I needed to write something, had my mind preoccupied by other necessaries, and of course the bane of my existence, Youtube and it's deleterious effects on productivity. So I'll just leave this video I've done regarding something that I noticed about Anita Sarkeesian (the "feminist" "gamer" who is trying to shame people into agreeing with her that video games are somehow sexist whenever they portray a women, and that gamers themselves are misogynistic assholes) that I don't feel like it is covered as much as her arguments and conduct before, during, and after her kickstarter. Whether I do another video, or transition from written reviews to video reviews will largely depend on the reception of this video. Namely if you guys can stand to listen to me talk I might consider doing more videos in the future.

Until next time

-Crescent, Am I using Anita's popularity to bolster my own? Well... Yeah.

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