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Anime Review: Allison & Lillia

Well, I royally screwed up. I was playing though Shining Force III Scenario 2 and I was looking at guides to make I don't miss any characters, when I realize a few things I did in Scenario 1 was going to screw me over. It turns out, some enemy characters you are not suppose to kill, that is if you want to get them in later Scenarios. And so I had to play through Scenario 1 again just so I can get 100% completion... In Scenario 3... yeah. Anyway, sorry this update is a little late (for the 3 of you who actually read this), I had a parade to walk this afternoon and only recently got back. Without further ado, here is an anime called Allison & Lillia, a series about planes, trains, and couples who everyone around them are forcing to get together.

I know it's a simplistic map of their world, but it looks like an oar inside of a circle.
 In a world of a single continent split down the middle by rivers and mountains, a nearly endless war rages between the Roxcheanuk Confederation, commonly known as Roxche, in the east, and the United Kingdom of Bezel Iltoa, commonly known as Sol Beil, in the west, with only the occasional ceasefire as the only form of peace known for many MANY years. It is during one such ceasefire where our story begins with Allison of the Roxche Air force and her childhood Wil, discovering a hint of truth in an old man's ramblings about a great treasure that could end the war between Roxche and Sol Beil and establish a true peace for years to come. Many more adventures follow, and continue to follow several years later with Allison and Wil's daughter: Lillia.

How did they discover us? Our bed sheet camouflage was perfect!
The best way to describe Allison & Lillia is that it's your classic adventure series, kind of like Indiana Jones except no Nazis or Mayan Aliens. For the first half of the series, each story arch begins with Allison dragging a reluctant Wil, usually involving "Borrowing" a plane somewhere along the way, and end up tied up in some lighthearted adventure with help of their two friends Benedict and Fiona. The second half follows Allison and Wil's daughter Lillia and her adventures with her best friend Treize. It's nothing complicated, it's just a bunch of really cool and likeable characters going on adventures of great importance.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like their in a Grandia game?
Unfortunately, the series isn't perfect. While the writing overall is great, especially with the interactions between the cast, there are a few moments where you just have to scratch your head at some of the scenes, like villains having the magical ability to take a hostage no matter how many security guards stand between them, and this happens TWICE in the series. Also, the last few episodes have a few questionable moments. It's not that they go Evangelion or anything like that, but let's just say that the villain's plan is a huge Xanatos Roulette that ultimately makes no sense and there is more than one legitimate question that isn't answered by the end.

In conclusion, Allison & Lillia is a worthy addition to any anime fan's collection, despite it's short comings. If you love stories that have that "Age of Adventure" feel to them, series that is all about going on adventures full of excitement, drama, love, and all of those other buzz words you don't see anymore in modern movies, then check out Allison & Lillia. Highly Recommended.

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-Crescent, Look at me, I'm flying a plane!

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