Saturday, September 3, 2016

Follow me on Minds!

Okay, never review hasn't been decided yet. I'm either going review Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus or maybe Arcana Hearts 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! (Yes, the five exclamation marks are apart of the title). Either way, it's going to be a game that may people do not want to even exists, just my kind of game.

Anyway, this is kind of an update post. First and foremost is that I have set up a Minds account. Now what is "Minds"? Well, this is Minds.

Simply put, it's a new alternative to Social Network sites like Twitter and Facebook. Minds was created as a counter to the increasingly authoritarian rules and restriction on Twitter and Youtube. As many of you who follow hashtags like #GamerGate or keep a close eye on "Feminist" talking points have noticed, these sites have become increasingly SJW and will censor free speech in the name of protecting "The Narrative." Bans, Demonetization, and flagging tweets or responses that can be best described as "Wrong Think," have all become an all too common practice on these sites. And so Minds was created to serve as a platform that values the user's Freedom of Speech. I've just created my own profile (The benefit of being an early adopter to sites like this is my name isn't taken yet) so if you follow me on Twitter please follow me on Minds as well. I'll be making "tweets" over there and depending on how Minds grow I might migrate there completely.

Here's the link to the website:
And here's my profile page:

Also, I've set up Ads on my blog. Since I'm trying  to turn what I love into what I do for a living, monetizing my blog is a necessary step. Now, I'm not an idealist and think that immediately I'm going to be rolling in the cash, but at the very least this will help my wallet for the time being. So for those of you who like my reviews, please share the links and spread them around. Just doing that will help immensely. As for other venues of income, like Patreon or Pay-Pal, I'll hold off on those ventures for now. Once I know I have a sizeable audience that are willing to support me, then I'll consider it.

That is all for today. As I said check out Minds and follow my feed there. See ya.

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