Friday, September 23, 2016

Celebrating 5 Years of "Life" and "Hometown."

You know, it's amazing to think that a series that was created largely on a whim to become so endearing in such a short time. Senran Kagura started because series creator, Kenichiro "Righteous Boobage" Takaki saw the 3DS and knew the one thing he wanted to see in 3D were breasts. Fast forward 5 years and the series has not only garnered world wide attention, but also has improved itself with each entry. From the flawed but endearing Portrait of Girls and Burst, to the Solid albeit rough 3D Combat of Shinovi Versus, to Deep Crimson's Stacked Arts and impressive visuals at 60 FPS, to the HD gorgeousness of Estival. Not only did each game improve on it's predecessor, but also offer an experience that was new and unique, yet still familiar.

It's strange that in the very short time I've played the series, my appreciation for it has done nothing but grow. Looking back at my original review for Burst I can't help but feel that my initial thoughts on the story and characters where selling it too short. I realize now that the core of the series' story isn't in the struggle between the Good Shinobi and Evil Shinobi. It never was. Rather it is in the characters and how they grow. It isn't the stuff about "Super Secret Ninja Scrolls," or "Shinobi Battle Royal," or even the Yoma that stick with you, but rather it's Rin tragic past, or Ikaruga's relationship to her brother, or Hibari's insecurities about her power that you remember most about the games.

The gameplay of the series has also grown on me. Many call it simple and brain dead compare to other action series like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden, and they're right to a degree. But each game just hits the right cathartic nerve with it's combat. It may be repetitive killing waves and waves of useless goons, but taking out dozens of enemies with well-timed, over-the-top Ninja Art is so satifying.

And finally the Fanservice. I think I may have done a complete 180 on the series' trademark Fanservice. When I first played Burst it was more of a distraction for me. It was more like I enjoyed the game despite it rather than because of it. However, as I continue with the franchise I not only realized that the fanservice is something built to the core of the series, that if you ever removed the fanservice from Senran Kagura, then the series would no longer be Senran Kagura, but more than that I realize that the fanservice is something more than just looking at Tits and Asses. Yes many will dismiss it as distasteful and objectifying and label the ENTIRE franchise as sexist because of it, but there is a sense of fun and playfulness that comes with it. With how over-the-top it is, it's almost impossible not lot crack a smile at the ridiculousness of it all.

And that's what Senran Kagura is: Fun. Pure unadulterated, unrestrained Fun. The kind of Fun that doesn't care what the rest of the world thinks. The kind of Fun that says "It's okay to look at cute girls with enormous knockers." That is the world of Kenichiro Takaki, the man who created a world of boobs and Ninjas because he wanted to. The man who has so much love and passion for what he does that it shows in his work. The man who created a video that parodies popular trends in the gaming industry because he is a massive shitlord.

And so, to the Senran Kagura Franchise: Happy 5th Anniversary. Let's make it to 10 and beyond.
To all Senran Kagura Staff: Thank you for creating this series.
To all Senran Kagura Fans: Let's enjoy these games together, and fight for our right to boobs.
To all Potential Senran Kagura Fans: Don't let the fanservice dissway you.
And to Kenichrio Takaki: May the Oppai be with you.

Now all together:

"Tits Are Life. Ass is Hometown."

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