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Anime Review: Devil May Cry

Now it is time for me to review Devil May Cry... The anime series not the game. Now before I begin, I will make one thing perfectly clear, I am a fan of the game series. Devil May Cry was one of my first PS2 and I have played all the games with the exception of DMC2, and the new reboot of Devil May Cry makes me want to kill small puppies (Who's bright idea was it that Dante needed to be an emo git?). Anyway, that's neither here nor there, I will now talk about Devil May Cry.... The anime.

How are you suppose to aim at anything like that?
There exists two worlds, the human world and the demon world. When the gates between these worlds open, monstrous creatures invade our world, when this happens there is only one place to go: The "Devil May Cry" detective agency. There Dante, the half-demon son of Sparta a demon knight, will take the job, and with his pistols Ebony and Ivory in each hand and his sword Rebellion on his back, the forces of hell stand no chance. For if you are a demon that gets on Dante's bad side, even the Devil May Cry.

You know you have it bad when the woman in your life have impaled you in the chest and shot you in the face.
Devil May Cry the game is all about fighting hordes and hordes of demons and looking good while doing it with very little in terms of story to tie the monster killing together. Devil May Cry the anime is all about fighting smaller hordes demons once a week and looking good while doing it with very little in terms of story to tie the monster killing together. If nothing else you can't say that the series wasn't faithful to the games. Taking place between the first and fourth games in the confusing chronology of the Devil May Cry series, the anime focuses on the random demon hunting jobs Dante gets between having to deal with greater demons trying to rule Hell, Earth, and probably even Heaven. Because of this, the series is very episodic that is only loosely tied together into the final story arch. This does help the series feel different from the games as it focuses more on short stories about demons than any kind of upcoming apocalypse; however, this does lead into one of the main problems of the series.

Who's idea was it to give Dante a little girl sidekick?
Because of the episodic nature of the series none of the stories really get all that fleshed out. Some episodes are far more interesting than others, but the lack of any two parters outside of the final episodes means that everything gets resolved more or less immediately after they are established. Of course, this is partially because the series is only 12 episodes long. Additionally, those the main focus of the game is action, way too often in the series is there any kind of fighting. A little too often Dante, Trish, or Lady are about to fight demons and either the battle ends almost immediately after it starts, or it happens off screen. I get that these guys are badasses, but I'd wish the series does far more over-the-top action scenes more often. When we do get a good fight scene is it the kind of ridiculous awesomeness that the games are known for, but when we don't it just feels all the more disappointing.

Overall, the series isn't bad in any regard. Even when the action scenes are too short and the story is too shallow to be fully enjoyable, it is still far better than a lot of other series I have seen. People who have never played or even heard of the Devil May Cry series probably wouldn't enjoy the anime that much, but fans of the series won't feel betrayed by this series as it is more or less what Devil May Cry is all about. Recommended to fans of the series. Until next time.

-Crescent, Dante eating a Strawberry Sundae... That's it.

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