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Anime Review: Tytania

I REALLY need to stop procrastinating on these things. I really need to create a schedule AND KEEP TO IT. Unfortunately, it's probably going to get harder to do given that Christmas is right around the corner, and I have Xenoblade Chronicles X to forever distract me from writing. Fortunately for you guys my brother is right now using the TV and I really would rather not play XBCX (I think that's the official acronym) on the Gamepad. Anyway, it's time to review an anime that can be best described as pretty boys, IN SPACE! This is Tytania.

This is a necessary defense against groupies.
Tytania is the name of an interstellar empire. With many planetary nations under it's control, Tytania enforces it's dominance throughout the galaxy with it's overwhelming military might and subtle political activities. No one dares to challenge the mighty Tytania as their fleet is unmatched and undefeated. That is until one battle changed everything. Duke Ariabert, one of Tytania's Four Dukes, was sure to win the Battle of Cerberus; however, despite being outnumbered and outgunned and lead by a completely unknown commander, the enemy fleet did the one thing that was thought to be impossible: They routed Tytania. Now the Four Duke as well as the Clan Lord of Tytania must regain dominance and reinforce their power before Anti-Tytania forces can capitalize on this moment of weakness. Meanwhile, Fan Hyulick, the Admiral who defeated Tytania, finds himself cast aside from the nation that wanted him to lose, and is hunted not only by Tytania but also resistance forces seeking to destroy Tytania's iron grip on the universe.

Meet Fan Hyulick: The illegitimate son of Gene Starwind and Captain Tylor.
Tytania can be best described as two series in one (something that is very apparent when you look at the opening and closing credits). The first series follows the Dukes of Tytania and the political intrigue that follows from this massive defeat. Each of the Four Dukes as well as the Clan Lord have their own agendas and goals that both conform and conflict with one another. The other series that goes on at the same time follows Fan Hyulick as he runs from Tytanian forces and meets up with various Rebel forces. It's like if Star Wars followed both the Rebels AND the galactic empire and while the series takes a long time before things really get interesting (especially since Fan for the first half of the series isn't really interested in being a Rebel Leader) it works surprisingly well as Tytania isn't 100% portrayed as this evil empire and that some of the Dukes are actually halfway decent guys, and the Rebels aren't 100% portrayed as the good freedom fighters, as some of them are just opportunists who thinks one victory means that they can win the war.

Unfortunately, that slow pace does come at a cost. As I said it isn't until the halfway point where things start to get interesting. For a lot of the beginning only the Tytania half of the show get any kind of progression, while the Fan adventures is more or less just him fuffing about. There are also a lot of characters that get introduced during this period, but don't actually do anything until later in the series. And lastly, the series has no ending. It's based on a light novel series and is likely only covering the first few volumes, but even with that in mind the ending still leaves everything a little unsatisfying as it is clear that things are going to get REALLY intense from here on out. I guess after watching so many anime I should get use to the idea that some of these series are just going to end like this, but it's still frustrating when it happens... And you don't have the light novels to read.

Tytania is a great show for those who like space operas. It not the big explosions, giant robots type sci-fi, but rather it's the slow-burning, lots of intrigue type of sci-fi. If that is your tastes that by all means go for it. However, if you are more into the action focused series, then it might be a little boring for you as the action beats are very far between and involve more of the main characters outsmarting their enemies. But even with as slow as it is, it's still an excellent series. Highly Recommended.

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