Monday, November 9, 2015

Anime Review: Ben-to

You know, maybe getting a gaming PC might not be the best idea when you want to write reviews for a blog. Because every time I start it up, I'd much rather check out Steam and see what ridiculous deals I can get instead of actually writing something. Anyway, this week we have an anime, an anime about food... and fighting... and fighting for food... This is Ben-to.

This is all about Boxed Lunches.
Sato is just your ordinary High School student living in the school dorms with only a tiny monthly leaves him with very limited food options. However, all that changed when he saw Bento boxes (or Boxed Lunches) being sold at half price at his local grocery store. In an instant his financial and dietary troubles seem to disappear, but he was then launched into the bizarre world of Bento Brawls: All-Out Free-for-Alls where only the strongest, fiercest "wolves" can score a Half-Priced meal. They begin when the "God of Discounts" leaves the floor, and end when the last Bento box has been claimed. It's a fierce world, but for the thrill of the hunt and the sweet taste of victory, Sato along with other members of the Half-Price Food Lovers Club, Yarizui and Oshiroi, will fight for pride, for honor, but most importantly: FOR BENTOS!

Just to remind you guys, this is all about Boxed Lunches.
Ben-to is like every other Shounen action series. It's hero is a nobody who makes a name for himself through guts and determination. There is a roster of fighters each with their own unique fighting style and abilities. And there is a procession of stronger enemies that must be over come as our hero reaches for the top... BUT IT'S ALL ABOUT BENTOS and Ben-to's ability to make such a ridiculous premise so super serious while STILL poking fun at the absurdity of it all makes this one of the BEST parodies of the genre. I'm serious, the series is just hilarious, from fighting with chop-sticks to a villain who's plan involves him starving himself for THREE DAYS so that he is super hungry and by that logic SUPER POWERFUL. There are also moments of ludicrousness that go beyond just the parody of Shounen series, like a Student Counsel President who kidnaps her best friend right out of nowhere and keeps her hold up in her house while doing things that borders on full on Lesbian action, just to keep her safe from our perverted main character. As I said, the series is just ridiculous.

Again, Just to remind you guys, this is all about Boxed Lunches.
Unfortunately, the series does kind of end abruptly. It's only 12 episodes long and the last story arch just kind of whimpers out. There is nothing as ludicrous as what's happening above, and they don't really go into how the "Ultimate Technique" that was used at the end of the series was defeated, as that happened off screen. Besides that, be prepared that this is one of THOSE series. Yes, it's one of those series where the protagonist has wild fantasies about the female cast wanting him, claiming that he isn't a pervert when caught in situations that leads people to no other conclusions, and fanservice... lots and lots of fanservice. True, the fanservice isn't as big in this series as it is in others, and it is still at least hilarious fanservice, but you have been warned.

Ben-to is just hilarious, in case you haven't gathered that by now. It is a successful parody of every Shounen action series by keeping the super serious tone when it needs to and allows itself to be completely off-the-wall when it doesn't. If you haven't seen it yet, DEFINITELY check it out, it is Highly Recommended.

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