Sunday, October 18, 2015

Anime Review: Assassination Classroom

Sorry for the lack of a post last week. Things where a little complicated. But I have some good news, I now have a new computer. See before I was using a piece of ancient crap that could only surf the web and it wasn't even really all that great at doing that. Now, my new computer not only is installed with Windows 10 (unlike my old computer which had XP, I know. Ancient) but it's a significant upgrade in every regard, and is now powerful enough to run modern games. So expect a few games on Steam to pop up every once in a while here. Anyway, this week I talk about a series about killing and education. It time to talk about Assassination Classroom.

Just an ordinary day at school.
Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School was always a little unusual, even before 70% of the moon was destroyed leaving it in a permanent crescent shape. Nestled in an old worn down school building far removed from the main campus, Class 3-E is reserved for the worse students at Kunugigaoka, with either the worse grades or the worse behavior or both, and is reviled by the rest of the school. That is until the new teacher turned up and is a yellow octopus like thing that blew up the moon and threatens to blow up the Earth come March, unless of course his students can successfully assassinate him before that can happen. Even using B.B. guns and rubber knives specially designed to harm only him, the newly dubbed "Koro Sensei" (mixing the Japanese words for Unkillable "Korosenai" and for teacher "Sensei") is a tough target given he can travel at speeds of Mach 20 and can regenerate in mere seconds. But not only that he is also the best damn teacher a student could ever ask for. The students of Class 3-E have their work cut out for them as every day that goes by is not only a day inching closer to the Earth's destruction, but also is another school day where they become better students and better assassins.

Just an ordinary day at school.
Assassination classroom is kind of an odd show if you can't already tell from the synopsis above. It's primarily a comedy with aspects of "slice-of-life" and Shonen action thrown into the mix because why not. It does take a MASSIVE mental shift to get where this series is coming from as the mere idea of a series about killing an unkillable yellow squid thing who happens to be a teacher who wants nothing more than to see his students success not only in their studies, BUT ALSO their attempts at assassinating him, oh and he does promise to blow up the Earth if he isn't assassinated. In case you haven't notice the energy level of this series is extremely high with a lot of the comedy coming from the escalation of events and how the nearly 30 students of Class 3-E all play off of each other. From the diligent girly-boy Nagisa, to the cold, collected and slightly psychopathic Karma, every student (no matter how minor) is a character with their own quirks and talents, even when it comes to killing.

Just... an ordinary day at school.
If there is any issues with the series is that it doesn't really have an ending. Like a lot of series based off of a manga with it follows closely, Assassination Classroom stops part way through the story (we aren't even CLOSE to March yet) leaving a lot of issues unresolved. Fortunately, there is a second season planned, but as is it really makes once wanting more. But other than that:

Assassination Classroom is just a blast to watch. It's hard to come up with a more original and hilarious series. I don't like tossing out MUST WATCH!'s that often as I think it devalues the recommendation, but really there is nothing I can think of other than "I want more of this series" as a negative. And even that is about be rectified. If you haven't seen Assassination Classroom check it out. It is a Must Watch!

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 -CRES, Just an... ah forget it.

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