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CRES's Thoughts On: Monster Musume Anime

Sorry about my absence last week. It wasn't because I didn't have anything to talk about, but more like I just got incredibly lazy and wanted to just play the video games I got for my Birthday because the weekend is really the only time I have to play a decent amount of games. Anyway, it's now time to talk about something that I have been meaning to relay my thoughts on for a long time. The reason why I haven't talked about it at all was because 1) It didn't really fit the scope of this blog as it was a manga and not a video game or anime (well, not yet), and 2) Talking about this particular item may convey the impression that I am just some weird pervert that gets erections at moments that no normal human should. To address the former, the recent news I'm about to talk about gives a degree of precedence that fits well within the scope of this blog. As for the latter, I already gave Senran Kagura a glowing recommendation, so my reputation as a creepy pervert has probably already been established. Anyway, as I'm sure you can tell from the title, this is going to be about Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Translated: Everyday life with Monster Girls), but first a little backstory as I think it's very VERY interesting.

No Exceptions.
The Internet has rules, one of these rules is that "If it exists, there is porn of it." Meaning everything and anything has been converted into something that involves something being inserted into something else. Nothing is safe from this rule, video game consoles, movie titles, even fictional monsters. Among the fantasy monster porn category is a subset simply known as "Monster Girls." These Monster Girls are said fantasy creatures, but instead of being these horrible monsters that are out to kill you, they are cute adorable or sexy girls who just so happen to have parts of them that are entirely not human. This subgenre of smut gain more popular awareness thanks to three different fan made products. Two of these are the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, which lists a variety of Monster Girls in the style of an RPG Bestiary, and the Monster Girl Quest, which is a visual novel which a young hero learns that monsters are not actually evil.... by being raped by them. However, the one that will be the focus of today is a series of single page comics entitled "Living with Monstergirls."

That's a lot of...... tail.
Created by Okayado, these 15 short comics about 8 identical looking, dead eye brothers dating their respective monster girlfriends and the difficulties there in. Each comic is pornographic to one degree or another as they each deal with some aspect of their sex life in one way or another (with the cleanest being Living with Dullahan 1, and the most explicit being Living with Arachne 2). These comics became viral, appearing on image sites all over the internet and quickly translated into different languages including English. It's popularity had less to do with it being porn, and more to do with the fact that each comic is so amazingly heartwarming. The series depicts these relationships not as some halfass excuse to see some monstergirl action, but rather as genuinely loving and caring and filled with the consent struggle of trying to find happiness when even your biology makes living together difficult. These comics became so popular that Okayado quickly found himself hired by a major manga publishing company, Comic Ryu, to bring the love of Monster Girls to a wider audience.

That's a LOT more.... tail.
In March of 2012, Comic Ryu published the first chapter of Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou by Okayado. With heavy inspiration from his "Living with Monster Girls" series, Monster Musume focused on a single guy, Kimihito Kurusu, who is hosting a series of nonhuman cultural exchange students in a global effort to integrate these "monsters" into human society after being hidden away by the government for years. To make matters worse, Kimihito is asked to marry one of these girls to test the viability of interspecies relationships. I've read the series on Manga scanlation sites such as MangaHere ever since it's debut, and even though the series is a little haremly and ecchi for my tastes, it is EXTREMELY GOOD. Okayado has some excellent art and fantastic comedic timing (which is REALLY HARD to pull of in a manga), but like his Living with Monster Girls series, the real heart of Monster Musume is in it's heartwarming moments. It's incredibly sweet and touching right when it needs to be... and then you have full frontal nudity with a conveniently place object right in from of their-VERY funny stuff.

This series has been a huge success, even in America where the English Language volumes of the series has CONSISTENTLY ranked in the Top Ten of New York Times best sellers list for Manga (keep in mind they where going up against stuff like Naruto and Attack On Titan). And you know what happens to a manga that is even remotely popular? They make an Anime off of it.

Right now I don't have that much information about it other than it will premier next month and from the looks of it it will go at least up to Rachne being introduced (since Lala, the seventh girl in the harem doesn't appear to be there), and I have no idea if there are any sites that will simulcast the series (although, with it's popularity I'm SURE at least Crunchyroll will be on it). Anyway, I'm super excited about this adaptation, and now that I've fully revealed myself to be a complete pervert, you may now leave me in droves.

Until Next Time.

-CRES, I might have a problem. And that's fine by me.

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