Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Anime Review: Ray the Animation

I'm SO sorry about the delay, Saturdays and Sundays I just want to play video games and forget about the fact that I have to go to work on Monday, which means sometimes this blog just gets pushed to the backburner, and both yesterday and the day before me and my brothers where watching anime until 10 pm which made writing a review afterwards a little tricky to do given I'd like to go to bed at around 11. But that's enough excuses, what anime do I have lined up today.... Ray... DAMMIT!

"Hi, you might recognize me from another, more popular, series."
Ray is a girl with no family. She was raised from birth by an organization that uses children as a means to harvest organs for the right price. Ray escaped from that world, but not before her eyes where "harvested." However, with the help of a world famous surgeon, Ray has new eyes and a new future. Ray is now grown up and inspired by the people who saved her, she too became a surgeon of great skill, thanks mainly to her new eyes which have the power to see through anything. While working at her hospital, Ray must save those suffering from the most deadly (and bullshit) diseases while tracking down the organization that once held her captive in order to save the remaining children fated to be harvested.

At that range, she will either kiss you or headbutt you.
Okay, first of all I don't mind the concept. A series about a surgeon with magic eyes that have X-ray vision makes for an interesting premise, and if it was that the magic eyes was the only extraordinary aspect of the series I would have liked it. I mean, if Ray was dealing with real world medical diseases or at least diseases that could be feasible, I could probably enjoy the series. But unfortunately, that's not how the series is. I mean, it does get better towards the end, but only because they stop even trying with the medical angle and just went straight character driven sci-fi. But at that point the major problems of the series have become too numerous for the drama to even matter. Simply put, it's just way too silly.

This is a serious medical drama.....
I mean, it gets bad even in the first episode when a nurse asks Ray if she is a certified doctor, and Ray just says that it's "none of her business." Seriously! They are hiring Ray as a surgeon, and whether or not she is QUALIFIED to open people up and mess with their insides is "none of their business"? And that is before we get into the "medical" mysteries of the series. We have tumors that magically go INTO THE HEART when exposed to anesthetic, we have a man who's skin suddenly "explodes" into a massive torso wide rash the moment a scalpel touches his skin, we have a woman who experience exorcist levels of possession and self-mutilation because she has a cherry seed in her back, and a girl who's entire inners are invested with a fungus... or was it worms... or was it an insect? I mean, we are suppose to be invested in the serious drama of this series, but how can we when the director of the hospital looks like a Pirate and attacks people by spinning on his peg-leg like a top!

Ray wants you to take it seriously, but you can't. You really REALLY can't take any of this seriously. Nurses who are ninjas, Pirate hospital directors who uses Top Spin, and the numerous NUMEROUS magic tumors that have some weird property that make no sense what-so-ever. The only way you can enjoy this series is to laugh at it, and if you can then good on you. But honestly, the most baffling thing about the series is that this is the ONLY series I've seen (anime or otherwise) that actually uses a Defibrillator CORRECTLY! That's right, in the middle of all the magic tumors and bullshit diseases, they use a Defibrillator to correct a heart fibrillating. Ray the Animation is Not Recommended.

Until Next Time.

-CRES, This is a serious medical drama.... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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  1. Good to know that I need to skip this one. Great review too.