Monday, April 13, 2015

Anime Review: Place to Place

Sorry for being late. My weekends are at a premium given that they are the only time I really have that much free time to do stuff like play video games. Which is what I did all weekend long. What was I playing? Well, you'll probably find out next week. Other than that, Nintendo is still holding out on us with the New Nintendo 3DS non-XL, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was released and we STILL don't have those faceplates, and I learned that The Rising of the Shield Hero novels and manga is going to be coming to America... In September... great. Anyway, time for a new Anime review and this time it's a series about arrows... or places... or maybe a girl that spontaneously sprouts cat ears every time she gets embarrassed. One of the those I'm sure. This time it's Place to Place.

I'm sorry Tsumiki, you will need to get taller, or some really tall platform shoes.
Tsumiki is in love. The man she is in love with is her best friend Io. He's tall, handsome, smart, cool, athletic, kind, and can say the most romantic things with a straight face that makes every girl within 10 Kilometer swoon. Tsumiki is in love. Unfortunately, Tsumiki is painfully shy, quiet, and a complete Tsundere through and through. Every time she comes close to confessing her feelings for Io, she either begins growling like a cat, attacking anyone within her vicinity (including Io), or just settle for a pat on the head. She does have her friends to support her; however, most of them are either useless when the time comes or would rather mess with her for the fun of it. Tsumiki is in love. But she can't seem to do anything about it.

Watch out for flying cats!
Place to Place is a slice-of-life comedy in much the same vein of Lucky Star, where each episode usually revolves around the characters hanging out with hi-jinx ensuing in short comedic bursts. Often times these comedic moments start off with something that most people do, like play games, have picnics, study, or go on trips. However, in Place to Place these minor events suddenly spiral into over-the-top antics where a simple snowball fight suddenly incorporates hi-tech specialized weaponry, 10 feet diameter snowballs, and a well placed Ki Blast. In short, the entire series is basically a string of small skits usually ending with things escalating to comedic proportions. Which of course does make this one of those series that is kind of hard to review because to go into why it is good, I'd have to go into the jokes within and ruin some of the potential humor. Just take my word for it that this series is hilarious.

WARNING: Excessive blood-lost may occur.
There really isn't much to complain about this series. It's hilarious from start to finish with a long series of sight gags, play-on-words (that the translation staff did a pretty good job of replicating), and just plan over-the-top silliness. The only complain I have is that One) this is one of the anime that Sentai Films decided not to give a dub for, and Two) it's only 13 episodes long and by the end Tsumiki STILL hasn't confessed to Io. I was hoping for some closure dammit!

Ultimately, Place to Place is hilarious, super fun, and just a joy to watch, even if nothing gets accomplished during it's 13 episode run. I feel like this series could have gotten a few more episodes (Hey Lucky Star got a full series) as the characters are really fun, the comedy is spot on, and everything about the show is superb. Place to Place is Highly Recommended.

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-CRES, "Thank you for winning something that is bigger than I am."

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