Sunday, June 15, 2014

Game Review: 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure

Action Platformer; 3DS eShop; HAL Laboratory/Nintendo; 2011
Sorry for this being late, again. We are still trying to clean up the house, and in addition to that we had to spend quality time with our father for some reason, I think was because today was some sort of special day regarding one of the two parents, but I can't remember what it was. Anyway, with so much of my free time taken away due to work and cleaning houses that I no longer live in, I will review a very short game because that's about as much time as I have to play games these days. But don't worry, this time it's Kirby's Adventure... Honestly this review should be over now, you should know what Kirby's Adventure is and whether or not it is good.

Who knew a Parasol could be such an effective weapon and floatation device.
Everything is well and good in Dreamland, it's citizens are happy and King Dedede hasn't bothered anyone for a while. But then one night Kirby went to sleep, but when he woke up he had no dreams. Curious, Kirby ventures forth to the Fountain of Dreams only to find that the source of all dreams, the Star Rod, was missing and King Dedede was behind it. Dedede had broken the Star Rod into 7 pieces and passed it to his minions. Without the Star Rod, no one in Dreamland can have any dreams. And so Kirby's Adventure begins.

The story is the same as any story to a Kirby game, a dead simple plot who's only purpose is to give Kirby something to do (and maybe an explanation as to why there is a change in gameplay for that current game). Kirby's Adventure is no different and except for a plot twist at the end that most people know by now, there really isn't any story to speak of for this game. But then again, it's a Kirby game. It doesn't need a story.

You'd think that swallowing a bomb would have a negative impact on you.
This is Kirby's Adventure, and I'm sure most of you know what Kirby's Adventure is. For those of you who don't, all three of you I suppose, here is the rundown. Kirby runs, jumps, flies, and swallows his enemies whole, either to spit them out as a projectile, or ingest them and steal their powers. While Kirby's Dreamland was the first game to star the pink little creampuff, it was Kirby's Adventure that gave him the power to still another's identity through his digestive system. While there are some enemies who give you no such powers when you ingest them, more than half of the foes you come across will grant Kirby unique abilities. These range from turning him into stone, breathe fire, spin into a tornado, or giving him the power of SWORD. Each power is unique and some of them are required to solve certain puzzles in various stages to unlock additional minigames where you can earn extra lives, or areas where you can acquire these powers without having to hunt them down in certain levels. However, this isn't just a run of the mill port of Kirby's Adventure, the 3D classics line enhances these games with a little touch up here and there, in the case of Kirby's Adventure the colors are more vibrant and some areas have new effects added to them, and have the 3DS's 3D display. In Kirby's Adventure, the ground is rendered in the foreground with the character spites a little behind that and the background a little behind that. For the most part the effect works as intended and is a nice little touch to the game, though at any time you can turn it off and still have a perfect port of Kirby's Adventure.

On the Ground Kirby sucks, now he blows.
There isn't much bad to say about this game, it's Kirby's Adventure. Okay sure the game is super easy and it hands out Extra Lives like it is candy, and with the 3D remastering there are some areas where the 3D causes some eye bleeding disorientation. But those are all minor things in the face of the fact that this is Kirby's Adventure! KIRBY'S FREAKIN' ADVENTURE!

Now to clarify, I'm not saying this version of Kirby's Adventure is a must play, I'm saying that Kirby's Adventure in general is a must play. Every gamer has to play Kirby's Adventure, it's not only one of the best games ever made, with excellent level design, tricky puzzles to solve, and just being flat out a blast to play, it is a shining example of everything the NES could do. Kirby's Adventure is so good that it's GBA remake, Nightmare in Dreamland, pales in comparison in EVERY way to the original. And the mere fact that the 3D Classics version is simply the original game just with slightly brighter colors and a minor 3D effect ontop of it, makes it one of the most accessible ways to play one of the greatest games ever made. Kirby's Adventure is forever a MUST PLAY!

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-Crescent, Don't drop it-Don't drop it-Don't drop it-Don't drop it-


  1. Have you seen Anita's latest video, just asking

    1. Indirectly through other people's response videos (it's pretty much the only way I can stomach her videos). I will write my own response on Sunday, hopefully I won't have the urge to drill Philip-head screwdrivers into my ears when I do so.

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  2. Huh never thought the original was that good how would you rank this game to the later ones. Though I'll still give it a try on the Eshop. Sorry I haven't been commenting much Crescent anyways yesterday was my birthday so yeah for me.

    1. Don't worry about it, work has been keeping me busy and my weekends have thus far been used to clean up a house that I no longer live it.

      As for Kirby's Adventure, I'll admit there is a lot of nostalgia coloring my perception of the game, but it is still easily one of the best games ever made and is one of the best looking games ever released on the NES. I'd still rank it at the top of my list of Kirby games. It just did everything so right about 2D platforming and it is just fun to play, even if it isn't as difficult as your average Mega Man game. Also lucky me, I got a copy of Mega Man ZX Advent at a local Gamestop for only $15, it was only the game cart though.