Monday, May 26, 2014

The Lord and Master of Crescent Reviews Is Celebrating Something

Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. The reason for that is because today is a very special day, and no it's not because it's Memorial Day, that is only important to people who live in the US. No, today is only special to me and the small group of people who are counted as being my friends and family. Do you guys know what day that is? *LOOKS AT THE BANNER ABOVE* Well now you know. Yes, it is my Birthday and for now I will keep my actual age a secret. Thus far my collection of gifts have been rather limited. I only got money from my father, Spice and Wolf Vol. 8 from my brother Jon (which sucks because I am STILL missing Vol. 5 and 7, he says it's in the mail but I don't believe him), and Bravely Default from my brother Aaron.

However, I will not spend this day patting myself on the back for merely existing this long, but rather I want to take time to say something to everyone who is reading this post as well as all the reviews I've put out thus far: Thank you SO much. I started Crescent Reviews after my previous venue for blogs went up in a puff of smoke. It is my hope that one day I can do this kind of review writing for a living. I know it's not all gumdrops and ice cream, but I love video games and anime and over the course of writing reviews I've developed a drive to write. And so I wanted some way to turn this dream into a reality, and thanks to all of you who read my blogs, and even spread the word that I'm out there, I'm a little closer to my dream. This May has just topped out at being my most viewed month since I started with 771 views as of writing this post. I know this is chump change compared to the big name internet icons, and it is no where close to the point where I can sustain myself, should I post ads on my blog, but it is a big milestone to me especially since January of this year my view counts has done nothing but go up. I know this isn't because of me, I haven't been promoting my reviews as much as I should if I want to make this my living. This is all because of you guys, you guys who found my reviews, came back to see what my new stuff, and have even promoted me else where. Thank you so very much, and please continue to support me. I promise to keep this going for as long as I can, so please continue to read my stuff and comment down below. Even if you want to tell me where I'm going wrong, I want to know so that I can improve this blog's experience. And as always,

Until next time

-Crescent, Thank you so much for reading my reviews.

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