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Anime Review: R.O.D. TV

Another week another review. Nothing much to talk about this week, other than the fact that it was difficult to get this review up and running. First I couldn't decide on the Anime to review, then I couldn't remember one of the anime I watch recently, and then I groaned every time I remember the anime we JUST finished watching. Anyway, onto this week's review: R.O.D. also known as Read Or Die.

Knowledge is Power, and book are full of knowledge. The Paper Sister's Detective Agency know this fact well. When they are hired to protect a famous writer, Nenene Sumiregawa, the three sisters, Michelle, Maggie, and Anita, take the job. However, when protecting Nenene requires more than just standing around during a signing event, these three sisters prove their name sake with their power to control paper, either to make it as hard and sharp as they need, or to attach many pieces together to create anything they need from clothes to wear to flying familiars. But things are just getting started for these Bibliophiles (and Anita) when secret organizations are trying to gather a collection of strange books as well as the talent of Nenene for their own ends. It's time for these girls to prove that while the pen is mightier than the sword, paper is mightier than both.

Well that is impressive, but can you fold a paper crane?
R.O.D. is simply put an action series with super-powered characters doing cool things; however, one thing that does help R.O.D. stay unique is it's sense of style as it seem to draw inspiration from old spy films. Anyone who has seen the Read or Die OVA series will know what I'm talking about as that vibe is carried over to the TV series, mainly thanks to it's wonderful soundtrack. Also speaking of the OVA series, the TV series also follows the plotline from the OVAs; however, it doesn't require you to see the OVAs to know what is going on. Early in the series, the story is mostly disconnected from the OVA until you get roughly halfway through, at that point any information about the OVA's story that is necessary is revealed, in a massive exposition dump, to the audience so you won't feel quite as lost if you never saw the OVA.

How do you read in dark places with no light?
 The series isn't flawless however. As cool and as stylistic as the series gets there are moments where it's concept of "Books are Power" does get a little silly. Namely at the end of the series where things just go off the deep end. I'd like to say how it does off the deep end, but it is the sort of thing that you need to see to understand just how weird it gets, and I want to preserve the look of "What The Hell" on your guy's faces when it happens. Also, this series loves it's cliffhanger endings. Towards the latter half of the series, almost every single episode ends with a cliffhanger. Sometimes it's a great cliffhanger, but the resolution of said cliffhanger sometimes leaves something to desire.

With those negatives being said, R.O.D. is still a great series with cool action scenes, likable characters, and a good story (even if that story like to leave you hanging with nonsense). Read or Die is a series that is on the whole an anime that all anime fans should watch at some point in their lives. Non-anime fans on the other hand can probably get some enjoyment out of the series, especially if they like superpowered action. R.O.D. is Highly Recommended.

All of R.O.D. TV (Sub) is on Crunchyroll, Link Here:

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