Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crescent's Quick Report: The Mighty No. Fiasco or I'm Not Going to Talk about This.

I'm sure many of you have heard about the issues regarding the Mighty No. 9 Backer forums and our newly appointed Community Manager (or CM for short). Articles from various news sites have written articles and videos on Youtube have been made about one Dina Abou Karam and in particular our community's response to her appointment as announced in last Monday's update. Concerns have been raised, some more vulgar and vitriolic than others; however, most are civil and respectful, all centering around how Dina will preform as a CM, and Dina and members of 8-4 (who are helping to manage English communities for Comcept) have responded with reassurances to a number of the concerns that have been raised (the quality of those reassurances vary from user to user).

Personally, I am trying my best to stay out of this particular debacle. In fact, I am rather conflicted about even writing this post because I want the issue to pass until there is more solid evidence about whether or not Dina is having a positive or a negative influence on the development of Mighty No. 9. However, I want to clarify some comments that have cropped up on some sites about the nature of these concerns, but it is just as likely that by me voicing these issues (in any light) will just cause the problem to be exacerbated.

The one this I WILL make clear about this incident is that any and all reports that this issue is fueled by anything even remotely close to misogyny is painfully inaccurate. All concerns regarding Dina being made CM are purely aimed at her professionalism and qualifications in regards to her position as CM and the extent of her influence on Mighty No. 9. There has been NO criticism levied against her based on her sex.

As of writing this, the current state of the forums are slowing returning to normal operations, with a number of users still unconvinced by the reassurances of Dina and the 8-4 staff. I just hope everything will be back to as close to normal as possible by the time the Call voting starts on the 19th.

Sorry for just a short post, hopefully I will have something more fun (like a review) next week.

Until then

-Crescent, It's strange quickly things went so far south.

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