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Crescent's Thoughts On: Breath of Fire 6 or Capcom You Are Making It Really Hard To Be A Fan You Know

Good old fashion Nostalgia.
Last "Crescent's Thoughts On" for a while, promise.... Well, that is until I get news on Atlus's auction that is. Anyway, this is the last bit of news that has recently surfaced that I feel the need to talk about, and the reason for that is because it regards one of my beloved series of all time: Breath of Fire.

The Cast of Breath of Fire II
That's right, I am a huge Breath of Fire fan. I don't know what it is about the series that makes me love it so much. Maybe it's the charm of a RPG series that is heavily fixed in it's roots and tradition. Maybe it's the uniqueness of it's characters and universe (as disconnected as the games are). Maybe it's the fact that I play a blue haired hero who can turn into a freakin' dragon and has a quasi-romantic relationship with a beautiful blonde hair winged princess.

The Cast of Breath of Fire III
Whatever the reason, be it Dragons or hot winged princesses that I spent many a long year during my adolescence staring at, the fact remains that I love the series. Hell I was even one of those people who actually liked Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Yeah, it was completely different and had an interesting battle system that took a while to get use to, but it wasn't a bad game. If you gave it a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised. My main problem with Dragon Quarter was that it wasn't really a Breath of Fire game. It had Ryu and Nina, but there wasn't enough of Breath of Fire's look and feel to make it a true sequel.

The Cast of Breath of Fire IV. Minus Ryu.
Thus, I wanted a new Breath of Fire, one closer to the older games modeled more off of Breath of Fire I-III. So imagine my surprise and excitement when Capcom announced that they, after 10 years, have finally decided to make Breath of Fire 6... And then the immense disappointment that followed when I actually started to learn what it was. Breath of Fire 6, is going to be an online Social multiplayer RPG for mobile devices. That's right, the next numbered game in a long running series, after over a decade of hibernation, is a going to be for your phone and involve all the Facebook gimmicks that come from it. Not only that, but from what we have actually seen of the game, it looks nothing LIKE Breath of Fire. I mean, look at it!

WHAT THE F*&%!?!?
Take a good long look at it. It looks like a browser game for Sagan's sake. Compare this with all of the other Breath of Fire images I've show throughout this post, is this really the next entry in this series!? Where the hell is Ryu!? You know the blue hair dragon warrior of the Breath of Fire series? Where is Nina, the other consistent character in the series? They are as iconic to the Breath of Fire series as Mario and Peach are to the Mario series or Link and Zelda to the Zelda series. Other series that have taken a long break in between entries have all had huge blow out coverage. Remember Metroid Fusion and Prime? Remember Mega Man 9? Hell Duck Tales Remastered! That great wave of excitement and nostalgia. The euphoria of seeing Mega Man running through each of his titles in the Mega Man 9 trailer. The regression to blissful childhood when the infectious Duck Tales theme song starts playing during the Remastered trailer. That is what the return of a classic should be. Not... this... Not a wave of underwhelming disappointment and sense of betrayal. This isn't Breath of Fire. This isn't what Breath of Fire deserves. When fans started chanting "We Desire Breath of Fire" this isn't what we meant. This isn't what we want. Capcom, you are making it really hard to be a fan, you know? I want you to be the same company that delivered classics like Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and of course Breath of Fire. But it's decisions like this that make me seriously consider writing you off. Mega Man has almost vanished from the face of the Earth, Devil May Cry is in the hands of people who don't care about the series, and now Breath of Fire is just a generic social media game without any life or character to it. The only hope I have is that the next time we hear of Breath of Fire, it isn't going to be related to this crap.

Until next time.

-Crescent, We Desire a TRUE Breath of Fire.

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