Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday... To ME!

Yes, yes. It is my birthday, and thus I am way too lazy to even attempt at writing a review. Furthermore, in addition to not having any new content for you to ignore, now that you know it is my birthday, you are contractually obligated to give me a present, a gift, or your worldly possessions. If you do not comply with this request your life is now forfeit under Article 4 of the "Crescent VS the World" agreement that you all have signed... *SOMEONE WHISPERING INTO MY EAR* What do you mean that was never released? *MORE WHISPERING* Wait, it's not signed by ANYONE!? I thought in order to view Crescent Reviews people had to sign that agreement.... Maybe that's why I still don't have any comments. Anyway, it's Happy Birthday to me and next time an actual review.

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