Thursday, July 19, 2012

Verdict Explanations

Crescent here. Before I post my first review here on my new blog, I feel it is necessary to explain my review criteria and scoring system. But, before I being to explain my scoring system, let me first rant about what I think about the conventional scoring system used by professional critics all over the world... It SUCKS!

 The theory behind it seems sound. Give a 1-10 rating on the product with 1 being the worse and 10 being the best and 5 being average. You'd think that with such a simple scoring system, you'd be able to quickly determine a game or anime's quality, right? That a game that has received a 5 should still be enjoyable, right?

In practice the entire thing falls apart. With so many games or anime to play and watch, we are left with so little free time and so much to do that we are forced to skew the scale for determining quality. I mean, if you had a choice between a game rated a 5 and a game rated a 8, which would you choose? The eventual effect of which is that anything that doesn't receive a Metacritic score of 80 or higher is automatically deemed to suck. Eventually it became so skewed that people are having heated debates about whether a game that got 95 is truly better than a game that got 92. To make matters worse, it seems that many critics also fall into this trap as an average game seems to be something that is scored a 7 or 8, and we have games being given scores like 7.8 or 9.2, as if the difference between a 8 game and a 7.9 game is significant.

Personally, I don't think someone can objectively quantify the quality of a game or anime by attaching a numerical value to it. I mean, what IS the difference between a 7.9 game and a 8? Are critics really suppose to create some sort of scale of quality so that all matters of media can be verified by peer review? This is Reviewing, not Rocket Science! This is a strictly subjective line of work where people, experienced in the medium, share their recommendations so that people can find something they might like and enjoy.

That's my feelings about the current rating system, and that is why I made up my own system of scoring based on whether or not I would recommended an anime or game and to whom. And so without further ado, here are the various "scores" I will give to the video games and anime I review, starting with the worse and going on to the best.

Verdict Explanations

Avoid at all Costs!

These are the worse games or series I have ever seen. There is almost nothing redeeming about it everything it does is either boring or painful. Skip and cause bodily harm to anyone who owns a copy.

Not Recommended

While not the worse games or anime I've experienced, there is definitely nothing for me to like. Now, others might have enjoyed it, or saw things in it that they liked; however, I didn't have any fun watching or playing. Skip, but leave fans of it alone.

Limited Recommendation

These are the flawed yet still enjoyable games or anime. I enjoyed them, but said enjoyment comes at being tolerant or ignoring various annoyances, shortcomings, and bad decisions. Check it out ONLY if you can forgive its many flaws.


Thoroughly enjoyable games or anime. Though, they may not do anything original or unique when compared to their peers, these games or anime deliver the goods when it comes to entertainment. They probably won't convince anyone who is not already a fan to check them out, but for fans you won't be disappointed. Check them out.

Highly Recommended

Some of the best games or anime. These deliver entertainment and then some. There is almost nothing wrong with them, and what few flaws there are are easily forgiven. If you love video games or anime, these should be on the top of your list, and even if you don't these might change your opinion of the genre. Check them out right NOW!

Must Play!/Must Watch!

THE BEST games and anime. I would recommend these games or series to virtually ANYONE, regardless of personal taste or preconceived notions about what video games or anime are about. These are the games and anime EVERYONE should experience, RIGHT NOW! STOP READING THINGS ON THE INTERNET AND CHECK THEM OUT!

I hope that has been informative and entertaining. My regular review will be up tomorrow.

Until then.

Crescent, signing off.

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